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The Brazilian dream of a Portuguese entrepreneur

April 22, 2017 was the date deliberately chosen by Rui Gomes Araujo, a Portuguese entrepreneur in love with Brazil, and his partners, to inaugurate Casa Pau-Brasil, a daring and refined project for the sale and representation of Brazilian products in Lisbon. Bringing together 18 recognizable brands in the national scene, Galeria Brasiliana was chosen to participate in the project and bring the best of spontaneous art to Europe. “Pau-Brasil is a homage and an evocation to a Brazil outside the commonplace. A contemporary and sophisticated Brazil, authentic and true, national in identity and international in ambition, “explain their idealizers.

Lisbon, Europe’s most global city in the Renaissance, takes up in its time its vocation as entrance and exit of trends and sophisticated fashions. There, in a space of 500 m2, the Castilho Palace, a historical property, begins a project that aims to spread to other European capitals. It is a curation of products and brands that best interpret and concretize a Brazilian Brazil with an international vocation, in fashion, in cosmetics, in design and in art.

“And we could not have chosen a more representative participant than the Brasiliana Gallery to present this wonderful art, which is the very embodiment of Brazilian identity,” concludes Pedro Arbona Saavedra, another of the visionaries and fearless entrepreneurs who have joined to take to Portugal and Europe is a unique, admirable and precious Brazil.

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