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Born in the late 40’s in Rio de Janeiro and as a teenager was a neighbor to the great Brazilian composer and painter Heitor dos Prazeres. Fascinated by the arts Vidal started to paint in secret and when he felt confident enough he just dropped everything else and painted. He is an unique artist in Brazil and no other realist folk painter of his level is known here.

Primeiras lições da banda, 80x120, OST, 2006

Primeiras lições da banda, 80×120, OST, 2006

Sergio Vidal , Samba de Quadra 80x120 cm

Sergio Vidal , Samba de Quadra 80×120 cm

Almoço, 100x150, OST, 2005

Almoço, 100×150, OST, 2005

O aprendiz, 70x100, OST, 1989

O aprendiz, 70×100, OST, 1989

Atelier, 80x60, OST, 2003

Atelier, 80×60, OST, 2003



70x50, AST, 2003

70×50, AST, 2003

Mutirão do campinho, 65x120, AST, 1982

Mutirão do campinho, 65×120, AST, 1982

O circo chegou, 97x145cm, OST, 2008

O circo chegou, 97x145cm, OST, 2008