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The Gallery

The Gallery

Concept and History

The appearance of the Galeria Brasiliana was a consequence of a personal journey of the researcher and marketer Roberto Rugiero for the art market, begun in the 70’s. The Gallery is 37 years old and knows art of the people like nobody else. Its collection is one of the most significant in Brazil, an international reference. Its collection has more than 50 important artists, many of them exclusive, as well as masters and talents emerging from painting, sculpture, drawing, woodcut and artistic craftsmanship, all of a popular character – as well as wooden pieces of indigenous origin.

Galeria Brasiliana understands folk art as being sophisticated, elegant and of great value. And it is under this aspect that Roberto Rugiero sees this market: art not only as an object of decoration, but, mainly, as the acquisition of a good. “When you put the work at the end of a decoration project, you have to take into account that you may be making a purchase of an asset for the future.”

Today, according to Rugiero, the popular side is the only good art in Brazil whose value has, in most cases, only a single digit. Although still extremely cheap, it seems that it will not be for long. “It’s a good time to buy, folk art is rising all over the world.”
Brazilian popular art is highlighted as one of the richest, most varied, of dense content, a fact that has been clearly recognized in Brazil and abroad. The so-called “marginalized arts” have gained ground in the international market. In the year Brazil-France, for example, both popular and indigenous art, had great shows in Paris. In São Paulo, a grandiose project will be installed in the old Prodam building in Ibirapuera, with 12,000 m2 of area, until the end of the year.

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Roberto Rugiero

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Dmitri Rugiero

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Fedra de Faria

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