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Art and investment

Works of art have very clearly confirmed their additional role of becoming good investments when acquired with the awareness that they can obtain future appreciation if certain parameters are obeyed when buying them. The idea of ​​investing in Art is part of the options for the application of capital, it is item of formation of patrimony. Many companies and institutions, in particular the banks, practice the acquisition of works of art and antiquity as a form of investment. And the results have been very expressive. Often we become aware, with some astonishment, of the values ​​achieved by works of art in auctions in various parts of the world. This is because work of art has intrinsic value. Just as in order to calculate the value of a precious stone there are parameters (shape, carats, color, purity, etc.), works of art also have certain characteristics that configure their value: originality, the most important of all. The existence of a driving axis that guides the production of the artist (also called Poetics). The breath of this artist, in developing his work without constantly repeating himself (ie, his creative capacity). And finally, the level and quality of the technical and aesthetic aspects involved in the making of the work. With this formulation it is possible to know in advance whether the work of an artist will have a chance of appreciation, or not, in the future. One must be attentive to the marketing and media work of certain seemingly very promising, or already real, names that have artificially valued, manipulated to foist real bluffs on the market. There are many such names, true icons, worshiped by contracted curators, with great space in the media, and that in future will have their prices very low, since they have no intrinsic value.

Good popular art, on the other hand, has intrinsic value far greater than its market value of the moment, which is why it has become an obvious niche for intelligent investments. Certain artists have had their prices changed up in a surprising and spontaneous way. Everything suggests that in a very short period of time, popular art will have great importance in the market, a trend that is already being observed worldwide. Its prices, still very accessible, have great space for valuation.

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