2ª a 6ª: 13h30 - 18h30 sáb.: 11h - 16h

Rua Cardoso de Almeida, 1297

Perdizes - São Paulo, SP - 05013-001

Nilson Pimenta

One of the major folk painters in Brazil today, born in 1957 in southern Bahia of a humble family. Still as a youngster and following the 60’s pioneer migrations to the West, he settled in the northern part of Mato Grosso where he worked as a night guard, garbage collector and popsicle seller. It was in the 70’s in the capital city of Cuiabá that he began to draw and paint, after attending free workshops at the state university of Mato Grosso. His paintings soon created much interest – his inexhaustible capacity to transfer to canvas life scenes in the Pantanal, indigenous people, gold prospecting, erotic paintings, forest clearings and plantings, leisure and work. He is a fine and imaginative humorist and his work is featured in Brazil’s “500 year Biennale”.

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